Our Mission

We are a company committed to making skincare that is beneficial and healthy. Our goal is to encourage wellness through clean, effortless, cannabis based skincare products designed to clarify, heal and elevate the mind and spirit .

We design simple, nutrient rich formulas filled with antioxidants, humectants and fueled by CBD that are safe for all. Inspired by memories past, daily growth and morning stillness, our approach is rooted in creating products of value that support self-care and your unique story.
Morning People welcome. We celebrate how far you have come, what you have achieved and where you’re going.


Morning People was created by international fashion model Jasmyn Wilkins. After battling a year filled with the hightest of highs and lowest of lows, she wanted to create a brand and community where her love of skincare and wellness could live in harmony. After being introduced to the amazing benefits of topical cannabis, she decided to embark on a journey into the space creating a product that was approachable and affordable for those wanting to try cannabis based skincare for the first time . “Ive dealt with a lot of heaviness in my life and come 2020 it had taken a major mental and physical toll on me. There were days when my motivation was so low that simply washing my face and doing a skincare routine made me feel like i had accomplished something”.

Enter Morning People . Guided by experiences with her own wellness journey, Jasmyn created Morning People with the belief that allowing ourselves to embrace the morning can teach us to take better care of ourselves from the inside out. Inspired by those who sometimes struggle to get out of bed, Morning People provides a new perspective to help people deepen their understanding of themselves and improve their lives with daily self care.